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Albutrix gives the extra margin my kidneys need
I met with my nephrologist and simply told him that I was going to be taking Albutrix, explaining that it was a low nitrogen plant based protein supplement and that based upon my eroding kidney function, I had nothing to lose.
A better option than the dialysis

I think the doctors just figured that when the numbers get really bad, they'll just put me on dialysis and that's their solution, but that's not acceptable for me,

How can Lee Hull convince me to do this?
  Hello, my name is John David Mars. I'm from Etowah, Tennessee originally and spent most of my life flying airplanes for the Air Force. I first noticed that I had a problem shortly after my wife died. We'd just...
The improvement is outstanding
My daughter brought my attention to this book, Karen. She said she found this book, Stopping Kidney Disease. We went from there and started to follow the kidney diet. The improvements have been very outstanding.
Animal protein is hard on the kidney
The chapters that were most helpful to me were the first eight where he describes exactly how too much protein can be deleterious to your kidney and it's better not to have animal protein.
All right. You ready?

My name is David Hulme. I am 72 years old, and I'm from Linden, Texas. I guess it was 2015 or 2014 that I realized that I had a kidney problem.

Get rid of inflammation from my body

The most difficult part of my dieting has been trying to avoid meat. I have to work harder on that and it's a little bit difficult when you don't live alone.

There was hope on the horizon
I was very downhearted and I prayed and asked God for a miracle. Soon after praying, I was led to an announcement of the coming new release, Stopping Kidney Disease.

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I'm excited to try the cookbook
I kept searching and eventually came across my hero called Lee. I just couldn't believe what he was doing for everybody out of the goodness of his heart.
Educate yourself
Educate yourself, whether you buy Stopping Kidney Disease or Stopping Kidney Disease Food Guide, and no, I don't work for Lee Hall. 
I'm a huge fan of Lee Hull
I'm a huge fan of Lee Hull because he has saved my life. I went from a GFR of 38 that was continuing to descend, in a two month period..