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90%+ of patients will be on dialysis within 10 years if they don’t learn how to manage kidney disease.

Learning to thrive with kidney disease is a skill every kidney patient needs to master. Until there is a cure, we must learn how to manage our disease to slow the pace of kidney and heart disease. 

Education and medical nutrition can reduce the odds of dialysis by over 300% over a ten year period. This is especially true if you are a stage 3 or stage 4 .

Stop struggling on your own and get up to date science backed answers from a trusted and reputable source.

Start today with the only integrated program in the world for stage 3,4 & 5 patients.


We believe that educated patients live longer and better lives. We have seen this over and over again. Educated patients start making better choices the very next day. Get your info package to find out what the experts are recommending.


Follow our proven and science-based plan for 90 days. This way you’ll get quantitative results that you and your doctor can measure.


Ask your doctor to evaluate the results from your 90-days. Getting an objective opinion should be part of any evaluation of results. If you are improving, stick with the program. Patients are improving to 18 months at this point. This means patients can improve every quarter for at least six quarters in a row, in some cases.

Our promise to fellow kidney patients

Our recommendations exceed or match the most recent recommendations from the National Kidney Foundation, the American Heart Association, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and guidance on keto acid analogs from over 20 countries.

We keep our data/research/products up to date. If you are using The Stopping Kidney Disease book series or products like Albutrix or Microtrix, you will never have to wonder if you are doing the right things. The combination of the Stopping Kidney Disease diet, Albutrix, and Microtrix is the only program in the world that allows patients to meet 100% of the recommended daily amounts(RDA) of essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals with the lowest possible workload on their kidneys.

Success Stories

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