Get rid of inflammation from my body

Good afternoon. I am an 85-year-old retired university professor and scientist. At this time in my life, one year ago, I got the shock that I was in the stage three of this disease. It was rather disappointing the way I found out in that the doctor that I had when my tests first started showing the problem, never said a word to me about it. I think people should be careful about that because the same thing happened with the new doctor to an extent in that he had asked me to take a blood lab test and never said anything much about it. But, the prescription was where I learned that I had the stage three kidney disease.

I had immediately to find out as much as I could about it and what I might do about it. Neither doctor of mine and I had any suggestions there and seemed to approach it as if this is just normal for people my age. I think that's very unfortunate and I'm going to warn my friends about that.

The changes I immediately made were all dietary. I was trying to make my diet much less acidic. As a result of the first year of this, during which the information I got from Lee in email chapters that he was forwarding, was all I had to work with. I was able in that period to bring the results from a GFR of 45 up to 52. That has been mainly by reducing the acidity of my diet.

The most difficult part of my dieting has been trying to avoid meat. I have to work harder on that and it's a little bit difficult when you don't live alone.

I know that now that I have Lee's book, I'm going to be spending a lot of time on trying to make sure I can rid as much inflammation from my body as I can. I'll address the albumin details of possibly adding some pills for that. I need to be clearer as to the proper proteins that I need to use to address that problem.

In the meantime, I've decided that all my friends from now on, instead of hiding my disease, I'm going to talk over that is disease with them and warn them that you can feel very good and think you're as healthy as possible, when this reaches ... It can get you and it can go to a stage you don't want to be in.

I would say as you learn about it, it's pretty scary because it looks like a one way street. And yet, you do intervene by addressing any of these other issues, particularly starting with the diet. It does make a difference. You just have to learn to be comfortable with that and accept that situation.

I got Lee's book and I'm into it very strongly and will be intensely into it for quite a while I expect. It seems to be very helpful and encouraging.

I just love his style, this idea of writing a chapter and then including all the references right there. That is very nice as far as I'm concerned. I'm just so glad I managed to bump into him on the web one day and it is important.