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Here we go. My name is David Hulme. I am 72 years old, and I'm from Linden, Texas. I guess it was 2015 or 2014 that I realized that I had a kidney problem. I went to my GP, and he said some of my kidney levels were a little bit off, but not to worry about it, just to watch it. And then 2015, my wife passed away, and I quit watching it. And I was going across the street to the truck stop and drinking Dr Peppers and eating cookies and stuff like that and not eating good at all. I changed doctors, and she said, "Oh my Lord, your kidney levels are bad, and you have CKD, which is chronic kidney disease." Of course, scared me to death.

I started on Lee's book, I guess it was the summer of 2017, and so I don't eat any red meat whatsoever. I'm nearly vegetarian, but not quite, which, to me, sounds really strange, because I ate meat, a lot of it. The end of September had been three months since my last checkup, and that's when the big change came, and the doctor said, "I don't know how you're doing this." My creatinine had come down from 2.15 to 1.74, and my GFR had gone up from 30 to 39. Of course, they did all my levels, far as cholesterol and all that, and they improved to where now, they are completely within the parameters of what they should be. Used to be way off the chart. Triglycerides were just crazy, like-