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Our promise to fellow patients

We always keep the Stopping Kidney book series, Albutrix and Microtrix up to date with the most current recommendations. If you are using Kidneyhood.org books and products you are always getting the most up-to-date information/ patented products.

You will never have to wonder if you are doing the right thing again or following the most up to date science. You will also be ensured of receiving 100% of the recommended daily amounts (RDA) for essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. No other program in the world can make this promise.

We are dedicated to helping fellow kidney patients learn how to successfully manage kidney disease so they can live longer, more normal lives by learning how to manage their disease.


As a kidney patient for over 20+ years,  I felt strongly that we needed a trusted source of information, training and support so that we can learn how to manage kidney disease successfully.  This is why the Stopping Kidney Disease book series was developed.

The research in Stopping Kidney Disease led to the development of Albutrix and Microtrix.  The combination of the Stopping Kidney Disease diet with Albutrix and Microtrix is the only integrated program for kidney patients in the world.

Our integrated programs provide 100% of the recommended daily amounts for essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals with the lowest possible workload on your kidney.  Our patented/patent pending products provide the lowest nitrogen load on your kidneys resulting in dramatically reduced blood urea nitrogen levels(BUN) and reduced creatinine levels.

We are constantly improving our literature, recommendations and products based on real time results from patients and as new research is published. All products are made in the USA in FDA registered facilities following GMP standards.

About Lee

Lee Hull was diagnosed in 1998 with incurable kidney disease.  Lee has tried all kinds of drugs and steroids with no success.  The only improvement came from the information and diet in the Stopping Kidney Disease book series.   Lee’s kidney function has been stable for the past 12 years.


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