Save 10% by buying the book combo together, get both the research and diet planning books and save.

Save 10% by buying the book combo together, get both the research and diet planning books and save.

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Stopping Kidney Disease Basics (SKD Basics) was written to educate and answer questions about kidney disease progression, low protein diets, Albutrix and Microtrix.

Our experience has been that education of the patient is the number one factor in improvements. Patients who take the time to get educated on kidney function, disease progression, treatment options and so on have a success rate 300% to 500% higher using our program.

As patients, if we understand what we are doing, why we are doing it and how to measure improvements our odds of better outcome improve dramatically.

The Stopping Kidney Disease Food Guide contains:

  • How to treat as many factors as possible that are contributing to kidney disease progression
  • Foods that are good for kidney patients
  • Kidney disease or renal disease diet meal planning
  • Chronic kidney disease or CKD diet information and restrictions
  • The mathematics of slowing incurable kidney disease
  • The first kidney disease diet book or renal disease guide book with acid load and antioxidant values
  • Sample meal plans based on different cuisines
  • A reference guide for the most common fruit and vegetables in grocery stores with information on potential renal acid load, protein, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, and antioxidant values(ORAC), nitrates polyphenols and AGE’s for each meal
  • And much more!

The diet can be customized for Stage 3, Stage 4, and Stage 5 kidney disease patients. Educated patients live longer and better lives. Education on your disease and treatment options will likely be the greatest factor in your success or failure in dealing with this disease. This book is meant to be a companion book to Stopping Kidney Disease.

At and we stand behind all of our work and research.

As a kidney patient myself, I feel strongly that we should have every opportunity to try and slow the progression of kidney disease. The “Stopping Kidney Disease” book series led to the development of Albutrix and Microtrix. Albutrix and Microtrix are the results of a three-year research and development effort to provide the most up to date, safe and complete nutrition for patients worldwide.

Albutrix and Microtrix are manufactured in the USA.  Every lot/batch is tested before it is released to customers. 

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