Note From Lee

I will be asking for a lot from you. I will be asking for you to participate in clinical trials, talk about any success you are having in videos and in general I will be asking for all kinds of help over the coming years.

Please help me help kidney patients worldwide. We need to build a database of what is working and what is not working for kidney patients with different diseases or conditions. We can only build a large enough database to yield results if everyone contributes.  

I will also be asking for lots of videos. As a fellow patient with an incurable disease, I know how lonely and depressing it can be. I spent years alone trying to find a cure for my disease. You can brighten up the day, uplift and encourage your fellow patients by sharing your story and progress. We need hope, and we need to know that other patients are improving and getting better. 

A short video from one fellow patient who is winning the fight is worth a million celebrity or spokesperson videos. Today’s technology allows us to share stories around the world.

Please help me encourage other patients who may not be receiving the support they need. Any tips, things that have worked for you or just general good news can have a great impact on another patient. Something that may seem small to you may be big for another patient. 

Please be part of the effort to gather information and support your fellow patients. We can do great things together, and do them faster than traditional companies.